Volunteering & Unity Project

So today was interesting.

A few weeks ago, a friend forwarded me an email inviting students studying a gaming-related course at my University to do volunteering for the Wales Games Development Show 2016. A group of friends and I decided to go. To be honest, it would be something handy to have on my CV.

Upon arriving and setting-up the place, my first duty was to man the Key Note room. The first guest speaker, Antony Johnston, had a very interesting presentation about dialogue and story writing within games, and how comics and game stories can be longer and more complex in a shorter space of time than films or even multi-hundred paged books. He was talking about things like condensing dialogue without ruining the story, writing complex and detailed stories in a comic format. One of the things I struggle with when it comes to creative writing is doing too much detail and depth (usually when I write a scenario for a ship design I created).  He demonstrated how you could reduce a cut-scene in a game (in this case Assassins Creed III) to the point that it’s shorter, but doesn’t lose the story the scene is trying to tell. So listening to the presentation proved beneficial given my difficulties in the area.

However eventually, my duties came to point where I was walking around, checking everything was running smoothly and seeing if anyone was in need of any help. During which time I came across a table advertising the Unity game engine. Many moons ago (when I was roughly aged 14), I attempted to develop a simplistic game in Unity. Due to my lack of skills at the time, such a project was out of my league. I decided to continue the track I was on with Visual Basic.NET for Windows Forms and build up my programming skills on a “easier” language. Four birthdays have passed since then (along with my once-trim figure) and I think its time to put myself to the test again now that I’ve had a fair bit of experience with C#.

If my foundation year of University is any indication, I have come a long way since those times. My hard-work and non-giving-up attitude have helped me throughout the year and I have been exceptionally pleased with the way I performed, and now I believe it’s time to push my boundaries even further!


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