Simple adventures

Adventure doesn’t always have to be a big thing.

It can be as simple as an interesting cat-and-mouse chase around a place, as it was like today. I helped a friend get his paper in order to apply to stand as Student Voice Representative (SVR) election at our university for our faculty. It involved us travelling to different parts of the campus, looking for people to sign a sheet, get resources he needed and in the process visited almost every food outlet on the campus. Although that probably sounds dull to you, but in doing so, I managed to reach a walking goal on my phone’s pedometer by just staying on campus and had a bit of fun doing so.

This has got me thinking. What can you classify as an adventure?

My ideal and desired adventure is being out in the wild, but I could call this an adventure of sorts. By definition, an adventure is an exciting and/or unusual experience. I actually enjoyed today. Not only was it time alone with a close friend, but we had a decent travel around, had a few giggles and ate food! We did something that was not something we usually or even at all do. Not a bad day at all, and a welcomed break from hard studying and work. Answering the question. I guess every situation is different, and people are different. What ever you consider an adventure (something that was different for you and you enjoyed), is an adventure. For you. As this was for me.


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