The Pleasure of Programming


Nothing really compares to it in my life. It is both my pastime and my academic occupation, to which it has my undivided attention. I have always wondered what draws me into it. Is it the attactive order and logic of it, the mind-engaging problem solving aspect to it or its (in my eyes) funness of it?

I do not truly know. But first, some history. Being fascinated with electronics and computers, I stumpled across programming around the age of 9 in the form of Microsoft QuickBASIC for MS-DOS. I only remember developing very-rudimentary programs that either went unfinished or not even worth talking about. During the first few years of high school, I moved on to Microsoft Visual Basic for .NET Framework. I believe I was using the then newly-released Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 back then (fucking hell, it has been 8 years already). This is where most of my skills developed, and eventually moved to C# by the start of college. During that period of using VB.NET, I also had dealing with Microsoft Small Basic, a small bit of a few other programming languages and a lot of markup/scripting languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript etc. By the time I became fluent in C#, I had already decided that my career path would be programming or at least scripting-related (after battling with things like physics for that spot in my heart). University brought me into the realm of C++, where I thrived. I also work with a few other languages in my spare time today.

Now, looking back on all of that, I tried to think what was consistent throughout all of that and what stands out. The trial-and-error in the VB.NET and scripting days (roughly Year 7 to Year 12, of the British education system) is probably the most prominent memory I have of programming in general, which I used as a basis to develop my problem-solving abilities that are crucial to getting a half-decent complex program up and running. My wanting to bring about the completion of developing a piece of code as pretty muched stayed with me as well. Now thinking less logically and more feelings, the gratitude of having the skill which makes me feel useful and the joy I get from bringing what is to me a piece of art to life are the fundemental feelings that empower me to program. This is where I find what the pleasure of programming for me is all about. And thinking of the history behind me getting to where I am today, I do not know what is a better feeling. The fact that I am doing something I truly love, or the fact that 8 years of hard work is beginning to pay off. Either way, the pleasure of programming drives me through each day. It means the World to me, it is my way of expression and I wish to take it and myself as far as I can go with it. And nothing will stop me.

This was something I was thinking about a lot throughout yesterday.


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