Sitting by the river

(This post is two days late)

Since the start of my university studies last year, I have actually grown to love early mornings. Especially this Sunday. After waking up and watching a cool documentary about the volcanoes and natural disasters of the Pacific Ocean’s infamous “Ring of Fire”, I went out for a morning walk. Things were rather quiet in Pontypridd, and in the usual fashion I decided to have a little walk around the local park. I eventually came across and decided to sit down besides the River Taff for a while.

At that moment, things were bliss. No one else was around, no sound of engines or ‘urbanness’ to be heard. Only the sound of a few birds nearby. All the problems that were in my head seemed to have faded. I took a few photos of the surroundings, and admittedly a selfie :P. But for the most part, I decided to switch off my phone and engage the peace I found. It was delightful. I think I roughly sat there for between 30 to 45 minutes before I resumed my walk.  But it seemed to improve the entire day for me, leaving a more happy impact on my day.

Me sitting down besides the river. Apologies for any lack in quality, the photo has been cropped and compressed, and then uploaded and taken from my Instagram profile.

Little things like this is what I look for in life. It was not a big deal, nor did it last long. But the impact it made on my day is something that will stick with me for a while! I plan to revisit the area soon, maybe staying a little longer with a packed meal or something.


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