End of Term Update

So, this is the start of the first of three weeks break from University.

Compared to my previous update about my University progress, I am happy the say the achievement trend is still relatively unchanged. I got my results for the fourth C++ Programming test today, which I am pleased to say I scored 98%. The third test was only 73%, but it is still a good result. For my first mathematics test, I scored 66%. Given that is still an Upper-Second, I am still happy with.

My focus is obviously the programming stuff, and I have managed to achieve Firsts on all tests and coursework relating to programming in some shape or form. Last year, Integrated Computing Devices & Systems for Python, Software Concepts for C++ and Event-Driven Programming for C#. This year, C++ Programming for Game Developers. I am honestly thrilled things are still going well for me at this moment, but I know I will need to keep up the effort to ensure this does not change!


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