Detours can be golden

Sitting at your desk with your computer is great. I can work on projects, watch videos whilst eating pizza, talk and play games with friends. But sometimes, I need to get away. Away from work and these four walls that make up my bedroom. Although programming continually provides different challenges that makes things interesting, a change in scenery is always welcomed here or there.

You probably get the gist by now that I go for a walk on a daily basis. But most of the time I stick to the same path since I know my pacing and it matches my mental playlist of songs I wish to listen to whilst waking (I rarely make actual playlists since my ordering frequently changes to a different specific one). Today was one of those “not most of the time” occasions. Even though it was freezing, and I had little grip on my poorly-worn trainers which resulted in a few close calls almost falling over. I decided to take an extra half an hour down a side path. No particular reason why, just a spontaneous thought to do so. Such things can be considered a waste of time to most people, but sometimes you might find something more interesting. That makes it worth it to me, and thus I sometimes let these thoughts ‘guide’ me on a walk when I have the time to do so.

This side path was no stranger to me. I have gone down it once or twice before, but not in around a month. I obviously was not expecting anything to be different, and at most this would have been some extra time to enjoy my own company, music and the general non-manmade surroundings. However, I ended up finding a few spots for photos. Such as down at the bottom of this post. A few were admittedly selfies, as I found and become one with a bush and tree. But twice during the trek through the place, I decided to stop and just process what was around me. Everything was natural, and there was nothing here to disturb the bliss.

I love such days.

A photo I took when I found myself in a small clearing.

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