Up the hill

I finally remembered to take my dedicated camera with me on this one.

I went on a walk up a hill towards a Great War memorial dedicated to the Welch Regiment, 5th Battalion. The area has so far been my best walk yet around the Pontypridd area. There is mostly one big concrete path stretching through the area, but there were a lot of muddy off-shooting paths for me to walk down. I took photographs of most of it, but a few times I sat down at a few of the many benches in the area to absorb the view overlooking town. It was quite something for a town view, obviously nowhere near as good as the views you could find in the Brecon Beacons.

Still, the place is easily accessible and a roughly 15-minute walk from my house. It seems to a be a popular dog walking route as well, so expect a few furry adventurers with you along the way! The hill is not the biggest, and it was quite easy to travel up there. It is not a tester of durance, as I was kind of hoping it to be. I want to push myself more and more often. But the views made up for any disappointment in that regard!

I spent about two hours in the area, and had my breakfast/lunch up there as well. There were around two paths that I did not check that I will be wanting to go back to see within the week.

As usual, I shall leave you with a photo!

One of the many landscape photos I took.

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