My growing love of photography

So, I was quite surprised today. With most of the photos I take, I would describe them as ‘adequate’ quality. I am by no means a professional, and I make mistakes in adjusting my Sony DSC-H400’s settings. But today, this one photo I took surprised me. After a minor modification in vibrancy, the photo looked surprisingly stunning. And I was quite thrilled by it!

It seems photography is rapidly becoming a major interest of mine. It combines my love of appreciating things and being outside, and preserving the memory. For example, I can have that memory as my desktop wallpaper. Then when I look at it, I can think back to when I took it. The feel in the air, the mood during that time. It is preserved.

I have been compiling albums of the photos I have taken for the last few months, and the quality has noticeably improved since I began with just Microsoft Lumia 630 XL. With practise, it can only get better. It is a rule now that my camera is with me always. I do not want to miss an opportunity to capture something that has peaked my interest. As much as I love my current phone, its rear camera is no match for my bridge camera.

I am considering maybe doing some more photography-related posts here on this blog. But until then, this post will be pegged with the rest of my adventure stuff.

2017-01-18 Treforest Estate.jpg
That one photo in question.

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