From waterfalls to rain

It seems my wanting for another good weekend was fulfilled!

Again with my parents, I spent this Saturday in Brecon. This time, we actually found the place we wanted to see last week. Waterfall County. The place was beautiful. Mostly a network of forest paths going up and down various sized hills, the trails eventually lead to four different waterfalls in the area (hence the name “Four Falls Trail”). The signs rate the walk to be 2 hours and a half long, although my parents and I spend an hour and a half on a trail to one waterfall at a modest pace. We did not know our way around, so this time difference can be attributed for detours and stuff. Which wasn’t a problem, since it was all good and fun! I got some good photos of the one waterfall we saw, and even a rainbow!

Sunday was a little different. I did not go out anywhere fancy, but I did go out for a walk in the rain. I love the rain, although the wetness did make it impossible to operate my phone to select what music I wanted to hear! So, I decided to walk and simply listen to the sound of the rain drops. I eventually got to this bridge, and it was bliss. You could smell the water, and feel it running through my hair. I spend about ten minutes or so there. It represented a simple pleasure.

So like last week, I will leave y’all with some photos!

Waterfall County:

The bridge:

The bridge. Looks not-so-glorious, but the feeling at that time!

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