Coursework, Relaxing & Daffodils

After three lots coursework in the last week or so, today has been my small break from working my *** off.

They were all programming related; C++ Programming, Computer Systems Concepts and Information Management, Assurance and Security. The C++ assignment involved me developing a hare and tortoise race simulator, which was quite fun if a little non-challenging if I might add. My result was 81% due to some small mistakes on my part, but it is still a First-class result! The Computer Systems Concepts assignment was writing a summary report and analysis on the ‘Little Man Computer’ (LMC) architecture and writing some Assembly code for a program that runs off the LMC’s limited instruction set. (The LMC is essentially an educative demonstrator for a Von Neumann-based computer, if you do not know). The final assignment was developing a database system with SQL and writing a few queries – with Microsoft Access… Urgh.

There was also an earlier assignment for Information Management blah blah blah, which was designing an ER diagram as a group that would later help us this SQL assignment. I have not discussed it until now since any mention would of turned into a rant back when it happened. Basically, the group made a basic diagram that was missing a lot and I had to spend the night before the day it was due completely redesigning it with logical assumptions to bring it to a passable standard since most members of the group neglected to help and suggest ideas for it when I asked in a FB Messenger group-chat for some (I had to take charge of the entire thing since nothing was happening after that basic ‘diagram’ was completed).

It will be a while until I get the results back for those two assignments. But yeah, I can now finally take a small rest this weekend. I say small since by the end of the month, I will have three more assignments due! Yay!

Today I decided to spend some time on campus, sitting down on a bench for a few hours or so. I also ended up spending some of the time taking photos of the daffodils around campus and messaging a friend for a while as well. I have attached one of the best photos on this blogpost! I originally opted not to go for a walk as part of my ‘complete chilling’ strategy for the day, although I ended up going food shopping at Sainsbury’s anyway.

Other than that, not much else to report!

Copyright Khalid Ali

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