Falklands War Commemorative Carrier Coin

So I just started collecting coins now it seems.

Today I received my second coin from World Challenge Coins, a neat company that sells a lot of British military coins (among other coins). The first one I ordered back in September 2016 was a commemorative Avro Vulcan bomber silver coin. This one is for the Falklands War carrier fleet, namely light carriers HMS Hermes (R12), Centaur-class, and HMS Invincible (R05), Invincible-class. I decided to order this coin as my personal tribute to both of these fine carriers that served the Royal Navy well under trying time of war and increasing budget cuts. I also fancied completing a 16-coin 35-year-anniversary collection dedicated to the Falklands War that came with it (a fancy cardboard ‘ammo box’ for holding them came with the coin).

The coin itself is silver. There was an option to upgrade to gold, but I did not have enough money to spare for it at the time. This coin cost £4.99 + £2.50 delivery. The coin has a fair bit of weight to it, even when it is out of the included protective casing. The photos I took of it in relatively-poor lighting do not do the coin’s quality justice, as it is a fine piece of pressed metal.

Both sides of the silver coin

I guess at this point I should do the usual disclaimers, like saying that I by no means support the deaths that occurred during the conflict. Because I don’t, and all I wanted is something to remember these amazing, misunderstood machines that I love so much by!


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