Introduction to Tholian Simulator

Whilst I anticipate working on Path to 2265 will mostly keep me busy over the summer, I want to also work on something else to spice up my break from UNI (from now until September).

Enter Tholian Simulator. At its core, will be an alien cultural simulator centered around the Tholian species from the Star Trek universe and a way for me to practice 3D modelling, physics programming, and lighting/effects design & setup. I’m developing for my own personal entertainment (and for my portfolio as a demonstration of capability). I plan to start blogging about its development alongside Path to 2265 development from this point onwards.

Disclaimers & legal
The game is not intended to be nor will ever be released for the general public’s use. This game is based within the Star Trek universe, but is by no means a Star Trek product – this game is NOT endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Inc. or Cryptic Studios/Perfect World Entertainment, or any other person or company that has a license to use and/or create with the brand name “Star Trek” and its related and copyrighted content. The development and use of this game is for personal recreational use, and any copyrighted material has been included under the legally acknowledged terms of “fair use”. No copyright infringement is intended. Any opinions expressed on this blog, past to present to future, are strictly my own and do not represent the aforementioned persons or companies that have a license to officially associate and create with Star Trek-related intellectual property.


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