Things I Want Todo

So, these are just some of the many things I want to do at least once in my life (in no particular order). Being me, you will realise that many of these will be navy-based (which I cannot help), but also travel-based.

Also note that this list is in progress. I aim to have a fifty or so items on the list.

  1. Visit Pearl Harbour and see the USS Arizona Memorial, which marks the resting place of the tragic destruction of USS Arizona at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Attack of Pearl Harbour.
  2. Learn more languages like German and Russian, and also improve on my Welsh.
  3. Swim with sharks. Being my all time favourite animal, I would love to take a few dives with different shark species to see how they interact differently from species to species.
  4. Explore the Australian outback, mainly for wildlife.
  5. Dive in some of the great ocean wonders of the World, including things like the Great Barrier Reef, seas of the Philippines or the artificial reefs created by the sinking of aircraft carriers such as USS Oriskany (CV-34).
  6. Visit the area around Naval Base Kitsap and take a look at the four decommissioned carriers of the Forrestal and Kitty Hawk-class of supercarriers.
  7. Drive a Ford Mustang Boss 429, my favourite American muscle car.
  8. Go to a MetallicA concert in the United States, where I think they perform their best at. Even though it is a crowd (which I hate), it is something I feel I have to try and experience once.
  9. Go to a Comic Con in the United States, like San Diego’s Comic Con, where they are actually big and have a lot more things to see compared to Cardiff Comic Con.
  10. Create my own Star Trek fan fiction series. A long shot, but I do have some cool ideas for one 😛
  11. Go to the Portsmouth Navy yard and explore some of the ships there, including the former flagship of Lord Nelson, HMS Victory.
  12. Hug a Reticulated Python (the longest snake species). Why? Just because.
  13. Build my own personal supercomputer on a budget out of spares. Kind of like Frankenstein’s monster of the computer world.
  14. Go onboard an aircraft carrier. Any. If possible.
  15. Explore North Wales extensively.
  16. Build a collection of models of various aircraft carriers. Mostly US Navy and Royal Navy carriers.